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Kimmo’s first ever set of lecture notes, Originally released at the Kidology convention in 2008. Now available as a PDF download.

61 pages packed full of advice and routines.

Contents include:

Words of Wisdom
An essay by DANNY HUSTLE from Boston on the real secret of magic for children

My Sponge Ball Routine
An incredibly strong opening routine, yet it can be carried in your trouser pocket!

The Acrobatic Knot
Kimmo’s presentation of this trick, as featured in the act that won the Children’s Entertainer World Championships at Blackpool in 2008.

The Red Hanky Trick
Kimmo’s handling of the half-dyed silk using a palm gimmick (no tube switch) – A routine that gets the kids heckling you that you are cheating by doing real magic!

Magic Colouring Clipboard
A Magic Painting trick and a massive update on the ‘out to lunch’ principle that blows the other methods out of the water. Since copied by many but none were as good as the original. Easy to make at home.

A pun-tastic routine featuring a freely selected, signed card which vanishes, only to appear inside a frame that was being held by the volunteer. One of Kimmo’s favourite routines to perform.

Talking To The Hand
Some hints and tips on learning ventriloquism.

The World’s Easiest Vent Script
An entire beginner script that omits the letters B, P, V and F, yet it reads like a very natural conversation. 8 minutes of fun and easy on the lips! (This script also features in the VENT-ELATION book)

Mark, The Magic Spellbook
A routine for the Axtell (or any) BOOK PUPPET. Very funny and with a magical ending, where the book VANISHES!

Kimmo’s Jambo Routine
Kimmo’s routine for a gorilla puppet.

Axtell Drawing Board Routine
A short but highly impactful routine with this classic prop. (Also featured in the VENT-ELATION book)


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