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Filmed and Edited by KIMMO


Discover tips and techniques to increase the number of laughs you get and enhance the audience reaction to your kidshow performances. This 2 DVD set is crammed with routines, tricks, gags and bits of business from the professional repertoire of irish magician Quentin Reynolds. Quentin will not only teach the routines but show you how to adapt them to your own performance style. PLUS – he’ll show you ways to increase the reaction to the show you already do!


DVD 1 – Performance and Explanations

Silver Sceptre
Handkerchief Mouse (performance only)
Axtell Drawing Board
Lovey Duck
Cedric’s Phone
Invisible Hankies
Block on Foot
Origami Art
Three Worms (performance only)
Cords and Wand
Wandering Block
Fishing Competition
Chinese Rings


DVD 2 – In Conversation with Tamar Kimmons

A discussion on some of the performers of yesteryear who left a rich legacy of (now) little known routines that are far too good to be forgotten. A few of those shown or taught are
Bertram’s ‘Letter For The Conjuror’
Eric. P. Wilson’s ‘Wunda Villa’, and ‘Snowman’
Ken Little’s ‘Mysto The Mighty’
Peter D’Arcy’s ‘MAGIC BRICKS’ show
George Wallman’s ‘Carrier Bag Gag’
Cedric Richardson’s ‘The Rose’
Len Belcher and Bob Ostin’s ‘Choo Choo Train’
Ali Bongo, ‘Clarence and the Magic Thingamajig’.
and a new look at ‘Forgetfull Freddie’

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