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A brand-new, limited edition version of Kimmo’s classic BIG RACE effect.

A child takes on three adults in a wacky balloon dog race. Despite what seems like totally fair conditions, the child wins every time!

24 ‘Balloon Cards’ are handed out to be FREELY AND GENUINELY SHUFFLED by spectators.

Meanwhile, a child is recruited as a ‘Balloon Dog trainer’ and is told that he/she must race against three adults. There is fun and byplay as the rivals are chosen and encouraged to ‘trash talk’ the young volunteer.  The adults get to choose their favourite colour balloon dog (there is no force whatsoever). The child must take whichever colour doggy is left.

The Cards are retrieved and then the Doggy Derby begins!

One by one, cards are taken from the top of the stack and turned over to reveal the colour of the dog which will move along the track. The audience are encouraged to cheer for the child’s balloon doggy. The race gets very exciting and the children raise the roof in response. It looks like our dog is lagging behind but then suddenly it jumps forward and catches up. Maybe a photo finish will be required! Everything rests on the turn of one card!

Imagine the reactions from the crowd when the final card is spun round to reveal the child is the winner!

The props are super-colourful and appealing to children of all ages.



SUPPLIED COMPLETE: 60 x45cm Magnetic Race Board, 24 A5 size laminated Balloon Cards, 4 Laser Cut Acrylic Playing Pieces and full colour instructions.

VERY EASY TO DO – No sleights. No rough and smooth. No Forcing. No deck switch. No trap doors. No mirrors.


PRICE: £155.00



*thanks Lisa Oakley for the awful pun and thanks to Dave Hickory for persuading me to produce this version.


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